Know Your Doctor: Importance Of A Healthy Doctor-Patient Relationship

Perceptions about the quality of healthcare received often depend on the quality of the doctor-patient relationship. It is important that you know your doctor as it builds trust between you and the clinician. Research has shown that when as a patient you know your doctor you tend to adhere to the treatment prescribed by her/him and participate in the treatment and patient self-management.

Today, however, the doctor-patient relationship is much different than what it used to be. Earlier, patients used to seek the doctors’ advice on diagnosis and treatment, and would actually follow it without any doubt.

While it may seem tempting to Google all your problems today, it is important to understand the fact that it is the expert help that one should trust. A qualified person like a doctor can give you the right advice related to any health problems that you may face. Trust is what is needed to build a successful doctor-patient relationship that is beneficial to you and your health. Read here to find out more about how to develop a positive relationship with your doctor and why it is important.

Tips To Know Your Doctor

  1. Value your time and your doctor’s time by making a list of questions and concerns that you may want to discuss. Your doctor will appreciate your effort and your seriousness about your health.
  2. Always keep your doctor informed about your health routine. Any changes you make to your diet or medicine, your doctor needs to be updated about it. This will encourage a two-way communication between you and your physician building a good rapport.
  3. Be proactive about your wellness and show your doctor that you are equally invested in following his/her advice for your well-being.

If you feel that even after putting in all your effort you are not able to build a rapport with your doctor, then you probably need to change your healthcare provider. It is important that you and your healthcare provider have a lasting and trustworthy relationship for you and your health to benefit.

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