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10 Apr: The journey towards self-love is love itself

Marialyce: Hi, Devina, I was just reading a couple of your blog posts and, wow! I love the voice that you are bringing to life. I think it is so desperately needed. It has intrigued me to learn more about your story and your motivation. You are a single parent, immigrant, and an author. Can you please share your story with us? Devina: You know we all go through so much in life and we…


20 Dec: Just launch it!

Marialyce: You are the founder of “wiseHer”, tell us your story. How did you start the company and why? Kathryn: WiseHer was born out of a necessity challenge. I was a VP of sales on Wall Street almost 12 years ago, and the mortgage market melted down in one of the worst financial crises here in the United States. I was pregnant with my first child and was just about to give birth. Around the…


07 Dec: Interview with Natasha Makhova

(the designer and founder of In Dresses Veritas) Natasha, you are a fashion designer. Tell us what fashion means to you. They say we all have our element, for some it may be water, for others it may be the earth; for me it is fashion. Fashion is the air I breathe, and it is also my job.  In my view, fashion is not only about stylish dresses, textured fabrics, and growing trends. Fashion is…


25 Nov: Never Forget Where You Came From And Always Strive To Go Further

Inspired by her own struggles and challenges, Ika Aliyeva, a social media specialist and an immigrant from Azerbaijan, created Femigrants, an online community for immigrant women to find and give support to each other. Her passion is connecting immigrant women with each other to help them achieve their goals and dreams. [Marialyce] Please tell us your story and how you arrived to the US. [Ika Aliyeva] I am originally from the post-Soviet country of Azerbaijan….


09 Nov: Talk to as many people as you can

Today we are bringing you a story about an amazing woman, Montserrat Ayala García. She is an immigrant and successful businesswoman from Mexico, but it hasn’t always been that way. Montserrat moved to Silicon Valley, CA nine years ago, and soon realized that she had left her family and her community behind. Without much support and not having a good command of English, she struggled to find her place in life and her passion.  Employed,…


29 Sep: Find yourself first, then find the right idea to work on

Swathi Paturi is an entrepreneur who lived and studied in USA, New Zealand and Singapore. She enjoys learning about different cultures, people and strongly believes in the power of love to change the world. Her motto is to make a positive impact on the world through entrepreneurship and leave a legacy that can inspire future generations. She is a foodie and loves cooking for loved ones. Marialyce Mutcher: Tell me a little bit about yourself;…


25 Aug: The challenge is always to value your work

Marged Trumper is an indologist, teacher, singer and artist who found her deepest inspiration in Indian culture and traditional art. Her aim is to get inspired and inspire others and her motto is find what makes you feel yourself and follow that path no matter how unusual it seems. You can follow Marged on Instagram. MM: Let’s jump right in: what is the most interesting thing for you in life right now?  At the moment,…


11 Aug: Being Different is Your Strength

Krista Mollion is a life coach, content creator, marketing strategist, founder of multiple projects to help women lead better businesses, a mom of 4 and an inspirational woman to follow. MM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what matters to you right now.  I have a background in product marketing and I worked in tech in Silicon Valley for 18 years. I am very passionate about building strong brands. I’ve always loved working…


22 Jul: Bring your passion to the table!

Tamara is a personal coach offering individual and group coaching and support services.  She brings a unique background of health and wellness into her new profession. Her busy schedule balancing family and work requires that she finds the right motivators and tools to make it through her day. I was lucky enough to spend some time getting to know Tamara — mom, busy professional and entrepreneur, and to learn from her firsthand how she got…


02 Jul: Bad-ass feisty fighter: one women’s adventures in the jiu jitsu.

Morgan shares with us her experience navigating life after the sudden death of her husband, and how fitness and jiu jitsu has changed her life.  Procrastinator, feisty, sometimes confident, sometimes not, and unexpected. Most people don’t expect half of the stuff that comes out of my mouth. I like to say things that shock people a little bit, especially with people I’m close to and I know what I can get away with. I like…