In transit

I hate layovers. Most people do. They make long trips feel even longer. Hours sitting on a plane, shuffling off to a new airport. Shuffling back on another plane. Sitting for more hours.

Layovers can be a minefield of bad health decisions waiting to happen. If you don’t make a plan, it is easy to miss the opportunities. Opportunities in a layover? Yes, you read that correctly.

If I can do just two things on my plan, I have successfully navigated the layover minefield.

Keep moving. Sitting for hours makes my body stiff and tired. I am not sure why I am tired, but I am. I know that if I keep moving I will feel better. So I take the stairs instead of the escalator. And I walk, even on the moving walkway.airport-925093_1920

Eat something fresh! Airport food selections have come a long way from hot dog and pretzel stands. You can still find these, but there is often an option somewhere to buy a piece of fruit, maybe a yogurt. It is also a great opportunity to stock up on inflight healthy snacks.

Fill up your water bottle. Maybe you travel with a water bottle, or maybe you just have the empty one from the first flight. Airports now a day have water bottle filling stations. Take advantage!

If you are traveling in a group, leave the luggage and bags and do some window-shopping. Your body will thank you for the movement.


Stretch. Find a corner and some space and do some light exercised. If you are a frequent traveller consider investing in a travel yoga mat and get your yoga on during your layovers.

Layovers don’t have to be life in suspended animation. Set small goals during your flight and see how many you can do while you are there. Staying active will make your body happy and help pass the time!

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