Know How To Gain Muscular Power And The Benefits Of It

Often, people confuse power with strength and hence, more importance is given to building a body that is bigger and stronger. However, there is one more important aspect of fitness that is often overlooked: muscle power. It is important to understand that there is a difference between strength and power.

Strength is generally, the ability to generate force without worrying about speed. Power, on the other hand, is all about generating force due to high speed. Power is important for day to day living and overall, for the body to stay fully functional.

If you want to build muscular power then the best way to improve is to do resistance exercises. Before you begin with your power exercises, start with general resistance exercises like squats, push-ups, and rows. These resistance exercises will help you develop strength that can be used to build your muscular power.

3 Exercises To Build Muscular Power

Squat Jump

For a squat jump, stand with your feet wider than your shoulders and your hands at the back of your head. Keep your torso upright while squatting down until your hips are just above your knees. Now jump as high as you can and land softly bending your knees. This exercise helps develop your lower body power and improves the vertical ability of the body.

Medicine Ball Throw

For this exercise, you need a ball that is heavy enough to resist your motion. To perform it, hold the ball at chest level with your feet apart. Squat down to parallel and jump straight up while exploding the ball as high up above your head as you can. Let the ball fall to the ground. Pick up the ball and repeat this step. This exercise helps to build the explosiveness of your muscle power.

Leg Press

If you have trouble with squats then leg press is a great alternative. Get in touch with your physical trainer and find out about the suitable weights and sets that you need to perform based on your current exercise routine.


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