Tips On How To Use Olive Oil In Your Daily Diet

Widely recognized as the healthiest oil to eat, olive oil is not only good for health but also tastes delicious on fish, meat, salads, and pasta. This list, however, is not all. There are many ways how to use olive oil in your daily recipe.

The Mediterranean region is famous for olive oils and about the ways they know how to use olive oil. It is said to be the secret behind their health benefits and longer life expectancy.

Here are some surprising ways that olive oil is beneficial to you.


  • Good for heart


It has been found that olive oil contains good fat called monounsaturated fat. This fat lowers your ad cholesterol level and removes blood clotting thus lowering the risk of heart diseases.


  • Contains antioxidants


It contains powerful antioxidants that help reduce the damaging free radicals in the blood vessels.


  • It is Anti-Inflammatory


Olive oil can reduce inflammation that helps in preventing diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

  • Prevents high blood pressure


Monounsaturated fat also contains essential fatty acid or EFA called Omega-3. This essential fatty acid helps in maintaining blood pressure.


  • Prevents osteoporosis


Olive oil is believed to help in costive bone density as it contains qualities that help in improving calcium level in the body.

Now, that you are aware of the many benefits of olive oil, here are five recipes that are not only delicious but also teaches you about how to use olive oil.

Best Gazpacho

A staple in Seville, Spain, Gazpacho is used more like a drink than a soup. Often served in chilled tumblers or frosted glass, this recipe uses olive oil in a generous quantity that makes it so delicious!

Aioli (Garlic Mayonnaise)

Homemade aioli is made from egg and olive oil. With healthy ingredients, this version of garlic mayonnaise is easier to make than you would think. Another great olive oil recipe for you to savor.

Olive Oil Crust — Easy, Flaky, Delicious

An easy to make and tasty pastry crust is made from the very heart and healthy, easily available olive oil. Enjoy this savory and crispy pie crust without having to worry about bad cholesterol and bad fat, and stay healthy.

Sauced: Romesco Sauce Recipe

A homemade healthy sauce that can easily be made at home, Romesco sauce is a roasted red pepper and almond spread. Originating in Catalonia, Spain, this is a rich, creamy and healthy sauce containing olive oil.

Spanish Magdalenas

Spanish Magdalena is a popular breakfast recipe in Spain made from lemon zest and healthy olive oils. These Spanish muffins are made in every household and can be found bakeries all over Spain.

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