The Ultimate Fitness Goals For Beginners

How often has it happened that you wake up on the first day of the new year and make a fitness resolution that you fail to see through? What can you do different this year and make your fitness goals stick? While it is always good to aim big, having a realistic fitness goal for beginners can be the best strategy.

Setting fitness goals for beginners can be challenging but here are some expert tips that will help you achieve your goals successfully. Follow these 10 tips to set smart fitness goal s and bring about positive changes to your health.

10 Fitness Goals For Beginners

  • Say No To Escalators

We love escalators as it comfortably helps us reach a point without a sweat. It is, however, time to say goodbye to them. Start using stairs as it is one of the best ways burn calories and tone up your muscles. By taking stairs during your commute instead of the escalators, you notice the positive changes to your fitness.

  • Ditch your Favorite Coffee

Though your daily cup of coffee may help you stay awake and lift your spirits, it could also add unwanted calories to your body each morning. Instead, opt for a cup of green tea that will help you cleanse your body.

  • Squeeze In Exercise Anytime, Anywhere

On days that you are busy and don’t get time to exercise, squeeze in some activity for your body at home or your workplace. No equipment exercises like lunges, squats, planks, and push-ups are great ways to stay active and it will only take a few minutes.

  • Avoid Taxi

Avoid using taxis that you take every time. Instead, walk small distances to the nearest bus stop, station, home or office. Try cycling to your nearest destination or at the weekends.

  • Go Fitness Shopping

Get yourself the best in fitness gear, Buy a fancy pair of shoe or some trendy gym wear. Wearing your favorite fitness gear will keep you motivated to get up every morning and go for a jog.

  • Fitness App

There are a number of fitness app that will help you get started with your exercise and maintain a daily routine. Download one of them and choose a fitness plan that suits your need. These apps guide you with your exercise and keep you motivated.

  • Gym Buddy

Having a fitness buddy is a great way to set workout goals and motivate each other to achieve these goals.

  • Go Detox

With time for multiple excuses to drink over, it is time to go detox. Avoid alcohol as much as you can to help in cleansing and building core strength. You will see a difference.

  • Set Realistic Goals

You may want to achieve fitness goals all at once and fast. However, be realistic while setting goals. Set achievable target that will help you keep fit in the long run.

  • Treat Yourself

It is okay to take a day off and treat yourself after achieving a goal. This help breaks the monotony and motivates you to achieve your next goal.

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