3 Ways To Use the Stylish And Trendy Emerald Activewear Top

Whether you are into yoga or you prefer running or walking, nothing can suit your fitness activity like the very trendy and comfy emerald activewear top. To be able to get fit and look the part, it is important to have the right workout clothes.

There is plenty of activewear tops these days that you can choose from. The emerald activewear top is one that is not only ideal for a workout but it is also the color in trend this season.

So get on the trend by owning some of this emerald hue to power your workout.

Emerald Activewear Top

Athleta offers a plethora of activewear tops that are functional and protective in any type of weather. The emerald activewear top is one such product from Athleta that is ideal for medium to high-impact workout routines like yoga, jogging, walking, and high-intensity interval training. Made from odor-controlling, unsinkable yarns, the fabric used for this activewear top is completely breathable. The breathable fabric allows the sweat to travel through the fabric and evaporate at the surface. Equipped with the advanced sweat-wicking technology, you will remain fresh and cool for a longer period of time.

This activewear top is best for long workout routines as it also features the chafe-free seamless fabric that is comfortable in the stretch. The hem-grippers in the top help it stay-put and provide coverage.

It is available in a number of colors like soft lilac, simply lilac, coastal teal, dark jade, peacock, rose verbena, radiant red, navy, black and bright white. Here are three ways you can pair this emerald top for a workout or for a casual outing.

  • Ankle length leggings and sleeveless puffer jackets.
  • For a comfy summer time workout pair it with racer run short.
  • Going for a casual dinner after workout? Pair your emerald top with a wander slim pant from Athleta.

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