5 Health & Mental Benefits Of Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing can sound intimidating and extreme to the uninitiated. You may think why one should willingly push themselves into experiencing freezing climate and unexpected low oxygen pressure situations? No wonder these thoughts must have crossed your mind.

However, the tremendous health benefits that mountain climbing has to offer is what has motivated people all over the world to go for it. People have different reasons to do mountaineering. It could be personal related to health or about enjoying great outdoors.

There are many mental, emotional and physical benefits of mountain climbing. Here is a list of benefits for you to get motivated and enjoy the great outdoors while also staying fit!

5 Benefits Of Mountain Climbing

  • Physical

There are tremendous physical benefits of mountaineering. Trekking and climbing leads to full body workout and results in improved stamina. It also helps improve the blood oxygen level and reduces the risk of chronic illness such as asthma, heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes to name a few.

  • Mental/Emotional

Mountaineering is all about perseverance and endurance. As a result, it helps you stay strong and perseverant during difficult times and adds to your pride and confidence. There is an immense sense of achievement in mountain climbers and they learn to accomplish difficult tasks.

  • Social

There are many social benefits of mountaineering. This sport can introduce you to lifelong associates and friends. Mountaineering as a sport requires one to have immense trust in their partners and this builds a deep bond between you and your friend.

  • Personal Life

Mountain climbing teaches you to plan things, manage time and organize yourself better. While you enjoy nature and its beauty you also get to learn many life skills that may come in handy during difficult times.

  • Cultural

Mountaineering requires you to rave from one destination to another in pursuit of mountains. This helps in increasing cultural awareness in you and makes you knowledgeable, emphatic and experienced.

If you think you are motivated enough to become a mountain climber, then get started by making it simple and fun. This is how:

  • Go for a quick jaunt after work maybe around your local park.
  • Use your weekends to explore the woods near your house.
  • Go on a fun nature trail with your colleagues or friends and enjoy a half-day hike.
  • Plan an overnight or a full-day hike that includes onsite camping.

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