My Happy List: Things That Make Me Happy

It is the little things we do or experience every day that make our life happy. It is important to keep doing these “happy things” for oneself to keep your happy balance positive. Because life is a full bucket: sometimes we gain and sometimes we lose, sometimes we are in love and sometimes we are lonely, sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry. Happy and sad is about your emotions. If we can manage to achieve a happy balance in our day to day life then when bad things happen we will not be off-balanced that profoundly. We will be able to overcome our sadness faster because our happy balance was positive for a long while.

Our life is full of good things and there is much to be thankful for. We all have certain things in our life, friends, and experiences that add a sense of peace to what we do and how we live every day of our lives.

Here I put together a list of 20 simple little things that make me happy.  Doing some of these things from my happy list every day is what helps me lead a more balanced and relaxed life. My suggestion: write your own happy list and commit to doing 3 of those happy things from your list every day. And see the difference!

Things That Make Me Happy

  1. To begin my day by going for a walk in the morning
  2. My morning coffee
  3. Being with my family
  4. Talking to my parents and being there for them
  5. Listening to my favorite music
  6. Having a wonderful meal
  7. Watching children play and grow
  8. Spending time with my friends
  9. Meditating or working out every day
  10. Playing my favorite sports
  11. Reading for 15 minutes
  12. Finishing my work before time
  13. Learning something new
  14. Eating Red Velvet Cake
  15. Traveling to a new place
  16. Writing a hand written note to my friends
  17. Listening to the rain
  18. Waking up to realize it’s still early
  19. Going for a long drive in the rain
  20. Going to bed early

So, these are the things that make us happy and helps us lead a balanced life. Go ahead and make your list of things that make you happy. Everyday, do some of those things from your list and see the positive changes it brings to your everyday life.


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