10 Best Alcoholic Drinks For Beginners This Festive Season

It turns out to be really drab at networking events or work if you are not into alcohol. It is difficult for beginners to try alcohol as it is too bitter and they simply don’t enjoy them. if you are new to alcohol, you wonder if there is anything that is the best alcoholic drinks for beginners?

If you are one of them who have simply no idea of what to order or drink then here is a list of the best alcoholic drinks for beginners. These drinks are not bitter and do not taste like alcohol.

10 Best Alcoholic Drinks For Beginners

A classic cocktail that has been a must on every beginner’s list since the swinging ’60s. A year-round favorite, it is perfect for all get-togethers.

A festive and colorful drink for any party. The Fizzy Lizzy is a fruity drink that is a cross between a champagne cocktail and a top-shelf margarita. The tequila and orange cognac mixture have a sweet flavor to it.

This is one of the most loved and smoothest alcoholic drink for the beginners. Loved all around the world, this cream-based liqueur is an Irish whiskey that originated in 1974.

Want to drink beer but don’t like the taste of it? Try Radler beer. This beer does not have the bitterness of a regular beer and it tastes like a mix of beer with lemonade.

This the Mexican version of the beer that is easy to make and great for beginners. Try this drink with spicy sidekicks or guacamole dip with nachos.

This is a frozen cocktail that comes from the sunny Caribbean region of Anguilla. This is a fruity cocktail that is a combination of rum, pineapple juice, and coconut.

Another great cocktail for beginners who want to enjoy alcohol with friends and colleagues. A great treat for simple gatherings or horse-racing fans, this a perfect refreshment loved by all.

A more sassy and grittier version of the classic Cosmo, this drink is a mix of cranberry juice, sour mix, lime juice, and citrus vodka.

As the name suggests, this cocktail is meant for someone who wants to enjoy alcohol without its bitter flavor. A combination of carrot juice, ginger, and vodka, this cocktail is just what you will love.

A perfect summer cocktail, enjoy your day on the beach with this mix of bourbon and ginger-infused apple cider for a fruity twist.


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