Grooving To New Kid In Town Makes For A Perfect Sunset Drive

We could always use some chill vibes to whisk away the stress of routine life. Let the sea breeze flow through your hair and whisk away all the struggles and stress of the world. And even when you can’t get away from the hustle of daily life, listening to songs like “New Kid in Town” will still help you unwind and relax.

The Eagles with their silky voice will leave you with chill vibes and awash with feelings. Listening to songs like “Hotel California” and “New Kid In Town” on a road trip will transport your mind to a happy place away from all worry and anxiety.

Planning a perfect road trip and driving without any destination in mind cannot be complete without the playlist of your favorite tracks blasting at full volume. Finding the perfect song to compliment the moment and your mood is vital to creating an ideal holiday mood and atmosphere for a drive.

That’s why we have brought together a list of perfect road trip songs from Eagles that is all about creating memories and enjoying good music. We have a list of 5 songs that will help you shake off the burden of the world and relax!

5 Best Travel Songs By Eagles

New Kid in Town – The Eagles

This song by the legendary band is all about realizing how temporary today is and the stress or anxiety that it brings with it. The lyrics of song the says. “They will never forget you ’til somebody new comes along”. This is so true. Money, success, and fame are temporary. So, enjoy your today and create memories that you will cherish forever.

Hotel California – The Eagles

This song makes you realise that the burden and barriers that you experience is not outside or in the world but feel within you. You need to break through these personal barriers and find peace both emotionally and mentally. This song is all about the vibe that is ideal for a road trip with its evergreen lyrics and music.

Wasted Time – The Eagles

This song is all about the feeling when no time seems to be enough to hold on to those moments that you will cherish forever. Time flies and you can’t hold on to it. So you just gotta live it and make the most it.

Lyin Eyes, Take It Easy – The Eagles

Lyin Eyes is a simple song that talks about how immaterial success and accomplishments are. They do not reflect the real you that you feel within. You got to do things that will unburden you from within and free your mind of all stress. Just a perfect travel song!

One Of These Nights – The Eagles

The lyrics of this song are dark and go like “Someone to be calling to in between the dark and the light. Loneliness will find you in-between the wrong and the right”. It talks about the deep darkness and loneliness that can enter an individual’s soul if they are not at peace within themselves. Listening to this song will make you long for that road trip when you will be happy and blissful.

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