The Chic & Stylish Types Of Sport Dresses For Your Flawless Style

Athleisure has become a staple in our closets today and it can safely be said that it is here to stay. While crop tops, sports bras and leggings have been a mainstay of this athleisure trend for quite some time now, elegant types of sport dresses are proving to be an addition to this trend.

There are numerous activewear brands that are coming up with various types of sport dresses that are chic and stylish. For people who value fitness and fashion, achieving health goals while being flawlessly stylish is all one can ask for.

The various types of sport dresses available today are a good and breezy way to stay cool and stylish whether you are playing sports or running errands (yes, we are also thinking tennis). Whether you need a dress for a high-performance activity or a cute set to wear to brunch we tried and liked the perfect sports dress that you can flaunt to achieve that flawless style (in any size!).

Santorini High Neck Mix Stripe

The Santorini High Neck Mix Stripe types of sports dress from Athleta is a refreshing outfit style that compliments your chic warm-weather style. It features a higher neckline that offers more coverage and has become a customer favorite. This dress compliments all body types and is lightweight and unbelievably soft. It is ideal for active outdoor engagements such as adventure travel or brunch out with friends.

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