10 Outdoor Games List That Everyone Played As A Child

It’s great to be outdoors on a sunny day no matter what month of the year it is. And to turn it into a fun day all that you will need is an outdoor games list. Talking about outdoor, there are plenty of fun games that can be enjoyed by one and all.

Having an outdoor games list is not only about fun and enjoyment. As much as the kids and adults enjoy being excited about playing games outdoors, there are also many benefits attached to it. It is important that our kids today spend more time outside instead of being glued to their gadgets. By playing outdoors, our children get physically active, develop muscles, and improve their coordination and social interaction skills.

And, it is important that we do not limit these outdoor activities to summer only. There are plenty of winter games that can be equally fun and healthy. To know more about more outdoor games list for winter, click here. Here is a list of more outdoor activities for the whole family during winter.

Here are some games that are perfect for outdoors and you must have for sure enjoyed as a kid.

10 Outdoor Games List



The popular old-school recess hit.



Taller siblings love this game as they get an advantage over their shorter and younger ones.



Many times it is an opportunity to run into someone’s arm you secretly want to.



This a classic childhood game that can be played both outdoors and indoors.



An all-time favorite of the kids.



It was so much fun to jump with friends during recess.



One game that teaches you something useful for when you grow up.



A fun and innocent game for kids and adults.



A fun game that is enjoyed by everyone who loves basketball.



This game teaches the kids to differentiate between genuine and fake commands.

Get your child outside and get started with the list of games that everyone enjoys and likes. Relive your childhood memories with your little ones and bond as a family.



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