Find Your Perfect Bra WIth The Bra Size Chart

If you find it hard to get the perfect bra size then you are not alone! Many women will agree that it is very hard to find the right fit of a bra! Though it seems like an impossible task you can solve this problem by making use of the bra size chart (and may be a measuring tape).

With the help of a bra size chart you can finally find the bra that fits you perfectly. With a perfectly fitting bra your clothes will; fit you better and in shape. Here are few tips about finding out your bra size. For more info, click here.

Step 1: Band measurement:  Measure directly under bust (around rib cage)– snug, but not too tight. Round to nearest whole even number and add 4.  This is your band size (34, 36, 38, etc).

The band should fit comfortably under bust. Not so loose that it slips, but not so tight that it leaves marks, rides up or digs in the underarm.

Step 2: Bust measurement:  Measure across the fullest part of your bust (at nipple level).  Round to nearest whole number. This is your bust size. The difference between bust size and your band size determines your cup size:

The difference of 2 = B cup

The difference of 3 = C cup

The difference of 4 = D cup, etc

For example, Jane has a 38 band size. Jane’s bust measurement is 41.  The difference is 3, so Jane would look for a size 38C bra.

It is important to ensure the following points when measuring your bra size:

  • The breast should fill the cup without spilling out
  • The bra straps should not be too loose or tight or else the fit will be off.
  • It should have a uniform fit all around your body and not move with your movements.
  • Remember, different manufacturers follow different size charts. So, try your bras before you buy them or at least follow the size chart properly.
  • If you find the cup size fitting but not the band size then try using the bra back extender.
  • Don’t be afraid to use bra pads to fix the problem of asymmetrical breasts.

Best Bras For Workouts


The Glory 2.0 Bra offers full coverage in fabric that is lightly compressive. Thus, it is ideal for long and high-intensity workouts like running and HIIT.  It features underwires and molded cups that is fully adjustable and meant for a customized fit.


The Gabriella Sports Bra By Marika features the color block design in contrasting colors combined with flattering princess seams. These are padded bras and come with padded straps that are adjustable. The Gabriella bra also has wide underhand that provides extra support and comfort during intense workout sessions.


The High Support Racerback Sports Bra For Women comes with double layers of the smooth jersey that provides optimal support and gives a soft and comfortable feel. Designed to provide support during high-intensity workout sessions these bras are ideal for HIIT, running and dance. It also features the Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology that keeps you dry and comfy during those sessions.


The Alpha Bra By Nike is a sports bra that provides high support during your workout. Made from compressive knit fabric, it is designed to reduce the bounce during intense workout sessions like dance and running. It also comes with the much advanced Dri-FIT technology that helps you keep cool and comfortable.



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