Healthy Food Ideas for Summer!

Healthy food ideas – or the idea of it – often makes people pull a face and picture some bland, tasteless food that won’t add anything to your day. Who says that this has to be the way?

Eating healthy food doesn’t involve being boring as these fresh summer recipe ideas will show you! So, here we how with a few healthy food ideas:

First, we have a fresh celery soup. Take some olive oil, heat it up in the pan. Fry together some chopped celery, a crushed garlic clove and some sliced potatoes. Make sure you remove any tough strings from the celery. Add some vegetable stock and some milk as the liquid and stir together until it boils. Turn down the heat and allow it to simmer for just under an hour. You can serve this with some crusty bread or flatbreads with homemade hummus.

If you’re more into salad, then we’ve got you. The Nicoise salad is one of the most popular salads and one of the best parts of it is that you can customise it to how you want. Add some softly boiled new potatoes, 2 medium boiled eggs to trimmed green beans, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, anchovies and of course, tuna. It wouldn’t be a nicoise without tuna! Then stir it all together with some low fat mayonnaise. If any of these ingredients aren’t doing it for you or you have some additions, go for it! This salad is high in all the goodies you need and is one of the most popular healthy food ideas on our list.

Following the tuna line, we have another fish dish! This one is completely gluten-free, too. Fry some skinless cod fillets until they’re the desired colour in some rapeseed oil and garlic to season. Once they’re ready, take some spinach, soft goat’s cheese and tomatoes to serve with. Spinach is high in iron and will give you the perfect boost – especially if you’re feeling run down or tired from the summer heat. Don’t be afraid to add cheese to dishes like this – just make replacements like this with goat’s cheese. Sprinkle some thyme over top and you’re done.

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But of course, we have to have dessert. We’ve found you the best healthy fruit tart so you can feel naughty while being nice to your body! Create a tart-base using mashed up cashews and raisins. Pour some vanilla greek yogurt inside and set within your fridge. Once cooled and set into position, add some sweet raspberries on the top and dig in.

These tasty treats will have you looking forward to your summer meals after long days in the sun!


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