Skin Care Tips For Winter – 3 Picks By Mary – The Face And Soul Behind Proud Mary

It is never too early to be prepared to keep your skin happy and healthy for tough times during the winter. It is always good to have a few skin care items for winter in your bathroom! Let’s admit it, winter can hurt your skin. So, it is priceless to know products that respect your skin in winter.

Winter has a tendency to wreak havoc to your skin by making it dry and itchy. But there are some simple ways and products that can help you combat the winter dryness and keep your skin moist and supple. Here are some skin care tips for winter and some products that have been used and recommended by the owner of Proud Mary, Marialyce.

“my face has never been so happy”

Mary has listed three winter products here that she has recently used and loved! Have you tried any of them?

Skin Care Tips For Winter – 3 picks by Mary, the face and soul behind Proud Mary

Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream, 1.7 Ounce by Fresh

This is a daily moisturizing gel that protects your skin from dryness, dullness and loss of firmness. It provides up to 24 hours of moisture and antioxidants protection to your skin keeping it healthy and radiant.

“I recently discovered Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream and my face has never been so happy. It moisturizes without feeling greasy and is great skin care for dry weather.”

Primer Plus Protection SPF 50 by Bobbi Brown

This lightweight and fast-absorbing face primer that helps enhance the quality of your foundation. It also helps prevent sun damage and premature signs of aging.

“ I discovered this great primer and sunscreen a few years ago and can’t live without it. This product protects my face from sun damage and acts as a primer so I don’t have to apply both.”

OSiS+ THRILL Fibre Gum, 3.38-Ounce by Osis

The Thrill by OSiS+ offers strong texture control by allowing bendable and foldable hair with extra shine and separation.

“I love my short hair and am a faithful user of Osis products. Osis provides the best hold for whatever style I want, fun and funky for a night out, or professional for a day of business meeting. Osis is the best friend for women with short hair.”

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