Know How To Manage Winter Blues And Be Happy

The cold and gloomy winter days tend to bring out the blues in us. When it is bright and sunny outside, our mind tends to feel light and happy. And when its winter, our winter blues takes over us and haunts us.

Now, that winter is here, it is that dreaded time for the winter blues to set in. You are probably, already feeling like a prisoner in your own home. As days become colder and darker, we develop winter blues even before we know it.

Winter blues, however, don’t have to be so gloomy. Here are some tips to get over your winter blues and make the most of it.

Get Moving

One key component of keeping yourself active and healthy during winter is to exercise. It helps you beat depression and gloominess, and lifts up your mood, and reduces fatigue.

Invest Time in your relationships

Spend more time with your family and friends as it will help you avoid loneliness and reduce the feeling of isolation. This will help you beat the blues and keep cheerful.

Schedule Events

Make a list of events that you are excited about and spend your time there. You can schedule a visit to your family and friends, concerts, class or mini-vacations. Make a list of things that will keep you happy and schedule a time to do those activities.

Manage your stress

One important way to keep winter blues at bay is by managing your stress. Plan your day in a way that you get enough time to start it peacefully, read your book before going to bed, enjoy cozy winter cocktails, take a luxurious bath and do things that comforts your mind and soul.

Intake of Vitamin D

Make sure you have the required level of vitamin D in your body as it is related to reducing the symptoms of winter blues. For more scientific ways to deal with winter blues, read here.

Give Yourself Exposure to light Therapy

Light therapy has proved to be an effective cure to winter blues. A lightbox stimulates high amount of intense sunlight that acts as antidepressants and helps ward off your blues.

Embrace the Winter Bounties

Deal with winter as the Norwegians do. Liven up your home by having friends over. Make it cozy for them by lighting up candles and having hot beverages.






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