10 Healthy Sweets For This Holiday Season

It’s holidays time! And, this seasons does not necessarily have to be filled with unhealhty foods. There are ways to navigate around the overflow of sugary candies and treat your family with healthy sweets. To know about how to eat less sugar and navigate around the candy jungle, read here.

10 Healthy Sweets For This Holiday Season



The Candied citrus peel can be a delicious and healthy candy this holiday season. It is a great addition for decorating desserts, holiday baking and even to be given as homemade gifts. These candied citrus peels are like sour candy and simple to make.



Bourbon balls are a holiday favorite, an easy recipe, no-bake treat that everyone asks for and enjoy. These yummy little treats are made with bourbon, cocoa, and lightly roasted pecans.



Caramel Apples are synonymous with fall and a can be a great healthy treat during winter months. They are easy to make and can be personalized according to taste. You can also make a chocolate-dipped variant of it.



The Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ghosts is one of the simple and healthy sweets that is sure to catch the fancy of your little ones. These are easy to make and hardly take any time. All you need to do is melt some white chocolate in a bowl and dip the strawberries in it. Drag some chocolate in the front that will turn into a ghost tail.



These pumpkin cheesecake bars are fun to make as it is not only Totoro shaped but also because it is made from a seasonal fruit and a fall staple, pumpkin! They are not only cute but also super easy to make. You will need pumpkins, some candy eyes, chocolate whiskers and nose and a light dust of icing for the Totoro belly.



The Silly Monster Parfaits can be a fun treat for kids this Xmas. This fun surprise is a wonderful way to show them that not all monsters are spooky and scary. This healthy treat is made of yogurt, granola, and fruit.



A perfect tiny treat for everyone in the family, the raspberry blood gummies is a candy that is healthy and tasty. Unlike regular dummies that are filled with over-processed candies and additives, these dummies are made from grass-fed gelatin. You can also choose to make a vegan version of these dummies by using the seaweed agar-agar.



The chocolate coated strawberry spiders are a fun treat for the kids and a healthy holiday treat for all. It is the perfect combination of chocolates and strawberries that is always a winner.



The bat energy bites are healthy chocolate bites paired with dark blue tortilla chips. This is a really spooky looking healthy sweets that your kids will have fun with and will love to eat.



This healthy December treat is loaded with superfoods. There is goji berries, ginger, and cacao that infuse in this chocolate bar the antioxidant benefits and also makes it inflammatory.

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