Get Fit With The Best Rectangle Body Shape Workout

You are born with your genes and it is not much you can change or do about. The best you can do about your body shape is to work out and train accordingly to it. There are many body shapes and rectangle body shape is one of them. So, let us find out more about the rectangle body shape workout. If you want to find out about what body shape you have, you can use our body shape calculator FIND RIGHT FIT.

The rectangle body shape is known by many other names like, straight, banana or ruler. The women with rectangle body shape are generally skinny and lightweight with their chest, hip and waist aligned proportionally. To get into shape and to play on your strengths you need to do the following rectangle body shape workout.

Best Rectangle Body Shape Workout

  • To begin with, you must try to get your waist to go in. For this, you must go full force on abs exercises.
  • Try full sit-ups or kickboxing and even Hatha yoga can be beneficial for you.
  • Also, try core or pilates exercises and glutes exercise to get in shape around the hips.
  • Try brisk walking for 15-20 minutes every day to keep the rest of your body in shape.

If you are someone who has the rectangle body shape then look out for the following points when you are planning an outfit.

  • Wear something with good hip and bottom details so that they create a gentle curve.
  • Go for silhouettes that are simple and uncluttered.
  • Wear unstructured jackets as it will gently shape your waist.

We have here a list of athleisure that will look good on a rectangle body shape.


The plus size Callie Tee is a loose fit scoop neck t-shirt that is a must for your wardrobe. The slub jersey features a surplice back detail and cap sleeves adding a touch of style to this otherwise simple tee. The Callie tee is perfect for your day out as it is lightweight and comfortable.


The Funnel-Neck Plus-Size Performance Pullover is a funnel neck hood with adjustable drawstring and thumb-hole loops. Made from soft fabric and offering a relaxed fit, this funnel-neck hood provides all-around comfort throughout the day. The Go-dry moisture-wicking technology of the pullover keeps you cool and dry all along.


The Nike Epic Lux (Plus Size) running crops features mesh panels for optimal airflow and mid-rise waistband that is tilted up in back providing added coverage. It also features a zip pocket at center back and other storage options for you to carry your essentials when going out. The Dri-FIT technology helps you keep you dry and comfortable all day long.

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