You’ve arrived

You’ve arrived! You made it and are probably both exhausted and excited to be at your destination. If you have crossed time zones you will also have some jet lag. The first couple of days when our bodies are likely to crave food and sleep.

I try and follow the rules of three lights; light exercise, light eating and sunlight.


Eat light. It is common to want to eat when we are tired, bored or even just thirsty. After a long flight I am usually all of these things. For my first meal I try and find a salad and include some protein. Making a plan to eat light my first few meals is important to help me adjust.

Light exercise and sunlight. Take time the first day to walk around the neighborhood where you are staying. It is a great way to get some light exercise and sunlight. The exercise and sunlight will help your body adjust to the new time zone.

Things to try and avoid.


Don’t sleep in and don’t nap. Adjust to the time you are in ASAP. This means getting and going to bed at your usual times. This also means don’t nap! If you give in to the temptation, keep the nap under 45 minutes. Too much sleep outside of normal bedtime will only delay your adjustment.

Avoid heavy meals. You may be bloated from a long flight, try and avoid big or heavy meals. Also, avoid excessive alcohol.

I am off for a short walk and to have a salad healthy dinner. Wish me luck adjusting!

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