Body Shape Calculator: Know What Is Your Body Shape?

When it comes to dressing up and looking good, it is not the size of your body or the shape that matters. What matters most in looking good is how the clothes fit you. It is important to know and understand what type of clothes suit your body type. Hence comes our little tool: Body Shape Calculator.

Figuring out what your body shape is may feel like a task too daunting. However, using the body shape calculator can make your job easy and ultimately help you select the right outfits. You will save time while shopping when you already know what type of shorts or tops you need to buy.

To know about your body shape and the type of clothes that will suit your body type click here.

Body Shapes & Outfits

Inverted Triangle – Your shoulders/bust are larger than your hips.

If you have an Inverted Triangle Body Shape than you need to keep the following in mind while dressing up:

  • A bust lifting, well-fitted bra
  • Wear clothes that make your bottom half look broader
  • Straight clothing lines suit your body shape naturally
  • Avoid necklines that make the top look broader, like boat neck or halter necks

Triangle Body Shape – your chest will be narrow in comparison to your waistline that is well-defined. You will have a smaller bust and narrow or sloping shoulders.

If you have a triangle Body Shape then this is how you should dress up:

  • Go for outfits that feature strapless neckline, or square, boat neckline
  • Look for blouses that are bright and catchy in color
  • Tops and jackets should be well-fitted and just below or above the widest points of your hips and bottom
  • Use wide belts and empire-waist dresses

Oval Body Shape – You will have a larger bust, full midsection, and narrow hips. You will have an undefined waistline but graceful and shapely legs.

If you have an Oval Body Shape then this is how you should dress up:

  • Go for tops that have a bow or ruffled necklines
  • Pair V-necks with straight or boot cut jeans and trousers
  • Avoid wearing tight fitted clothing or high waist jeans with cropped tops

Rectangle Body Shape – You know you have a rectangle body shape when your hip line is the same size as your shoulder line. You will not have a very curvaceous body and no well-defined waistline.

If you have a Rectangle Body Shape then you must keep the following in mind when shopping for your clothes:

  • Look for clothes that help create curves, like, sweetheart tops or scoop necks
  • Wear long jackets that will make you look lean
  • Layer your clothes as often as you can as it will add more dimensions to your simple body shape

Hourglass Body Shape – The hourglass body shape is considered to be the perfect body shape. This is what most women strive for. You have a well-balanced bust and hips with a beautifully defined waist.

For the Hourglass Body Shape this is what you want to wear:

  • Wear anything that will accentuate your feminine figure and your tiny waist
  • Choose dresses that nip in the waist and are form fitting like fit & flare dresses
  • Wear V-neck or a scooped or boat neck top that will highlight your bust and d├ęcolletage

Click here for more in-depth knowledge about your body type and what outfits to wear. Discover tips and tricks here that will help you enhance your appearance and improve your styling!

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