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What you need to know about fit & shape

The clothing should fit your body shape. Trends come and go, fashion winds change fast, colors and patterns go in and out of style at a blink of an eye. Feeling good (comfortable and beautiful!) in the clothing you wear can be tricky sometimes.

As you know, not everything fits everybody. Knowing what will look good on you and fit your body and your active lifestyle from the get go is an incredible life-saver.

Want to feel comfortable and stylish in the outfits you wear on the jog, in the gym or while biking? Knowing your shape and having clear whether you prefer the items snaggy or loose will help you set some guidelines on your next shopping spree. If you have not yet used our Fit Finder we encourage you to use it to find your shape & taste.

On our end we went through the selection of our garments and marked each piece with the shapes and fashion preferences it goes with. As you discover products on our site you will notice that each garment has shapes and fits associated with it. Just scroll through the product page to the Additional Information tab and voilĂ ! Now you can fill your closet with the pieces that will be used often. And if you are curious about our staff’s favorites, visit this page.

Let us help you select the items you will love, have fun wearing and give the most use during your workouts!

There are many body shapes. On our website we decided to stick to five. By making your choices in the cards sets in Fit Finder we will help you decide which shape your body is closest to. On the subsequent pages we will give you tips on how to dress for each body shape.

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If you do not know your shape you can use our FitFinder

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