What does it mean to have a triangle shape?

  • If you are a triangle you have relatively small shoulders and upper body.
  • Your waist is well defined and most probably your stomach is flat.
  • Your hips are the widest part of your body.
  • Your arms are proportionate.

Triangles’ Main Features

In most cases triangles will have narrow shoulders, small chest, flat tummy, curvy hips and heavy legs.

Currently Trending in L.A.

(and look great on triangles)

Soft hues and airy textures in activewear are in fashion in California this season. You will rock this spring/summer by selecting pastel color sports bras and tops. Tops with mesh inserts on the bodice or on the sleeves will also favor triangles.

Americana is another fashion trend coming to the West Coast from NY Fashion week and it consists of mixing reds, blues and whites in your outfit. Hey, French people love it too! If you find dark blue leggings and a red and white top, now you know it is a keeper!

Chic & Effortless Paris Look

(easy-to-style for larger sizes)

Natural look, soft fabrics, combinations of effortless grays and beiges are finds in every gym and activewear store in Paris. If you like natural look, you are in luck!

If you like color throw in saturated pink, orange or green. Color strokes are in, and combine well with dark bottoms. Also, check if your store has any creative necklines. Adding a touch of saturated color to your tee, tank top or sweatshirt will be a head turner. We know you just want to workout and do not care about turning heads, but still…!

Top Five Essentials for Triangles

  • Go for a colorful and interesting tops that will highlight your shoulders and your neckline
  • When wearing fitted pants opt for leggings rather than capris
  • Longer hemlines on the tops will create comfort when moving in the gym or on the jog
  • Try to go for darker colors on the bottom
  • Tank tops and open arm tops may fit you well since your arms are proportionate

Triangles Streetwear Gallery

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Dusty Pinks and Airy Textures

Saturated Vibe

Best Look

Right Fit

  • V-neck and U-neck tops work great for triangles, specially if the top has bold patterns, bright colors and trendy design.
  • Fitted top with snaggy waist will be comfortable during the workout and look stylish on a walk or morning coffee with girlfriends.
  • If you go for tank tops select the ones with the wider straps. Those will give you more support and balance the look.
  • With leggings and yoga pants go for dark colors, clean lines, no embellishments and clear stitching.
  • Yoga pants that fall straight from the widest part of your hip will allow easy movement, comfy feel and sharp look.
  • Always look for pieces that make you feel relaxed and at ease.