Inverted Triangle


What does it mean to have an inverted triangle shape?

  • If you are an inverted triangle you have relatively broad shoulders and wide back.
  • Your bust tends to be ample.
  • Your waist is subtle and you may gain weight around your belly.
  • Your hips are narrow.
  • Your legs are proportionate and slim.
  • Overall you have an athletic built with proportionally larger upper body.

Inverted Triangles’ Main Features

In most cases inverted triangles will have broad shoulders, ample chest, rounded tummy, narrow hips and proportionate legs.

Currently Trending in L.A.

(and look great on inverted triangles)

Curve-hugging, high-rise pant is in. Soft hues, such as dusty pinks and sages will look amazing on inverted triangles. Ladies, on your next shopping spree grab pants with intricate details and embellishments. They blend comfort, coverage and ventilation. Look for pleats, braids and rushed finishes. True-and-tried by our insiders! They fit great and provide pre- and post-workout support.

Chic & Effortless Paris Look

(easy-to-style for larger sizes)

Versatile high-rise pants are becoming second skin in Parisian gyms. Patterns, flowers, spring motives and soft fabrics are gaining their territory on the streets and in the parks. Go for flower patterns on the bottoms and soft layers of grays on the top. Instead of a sweatshirt opt for Puma Cotton soft loose-fitting sweater with an open back. It will provide comfort, fresh breeze and effortless chic look of spring in Paris 2018.

Top Five Essentials for Inverted Triangles

  • Go for a colorful and interesting bottoms that will highlight your hips and legs
  • Opt for shorts and capris; showing off your knees is a plus
  • Chose navy or black tops with hemline around the waist
  • Try to go for fitted tops, with relaxed or classic neckline
  • Light or white bottoms with inserts and details can work great with a darker top

Inverted Triangles Streetwear Gallery

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Iconic Sage & Versatile Pink

Bold Colors & Abstract Patterns

Best Look

Right Fit

  • Narrow V-necks in darker colors work great for inverted triangles.
  • Fitted top with snaggy waist will be comfortable during the workout and look stylish on a walk or morning coffee with girlfriends.
  • Vertical patterns or details on the tops will add to your look.
  • Cargo pants and yoga pants will be comfy and look great on your figure.
  • Also go for boxer shorts, they will add a little bit of flare to your hips to create a more balanced look.
  • Side pockets on the pants and short are a big YES.
  • Bold colors and patterns around the hips work great for inverted triangles.
  • Always look for pieces that make you feel relaxed and at ease.