Fashionable Athleisure You Should Take On All Your Trips

Athleisure is the new trend and the world of fashion is in love with it. Today all the popular fashion brands are making their way into athleisure and teaming up with designers to make fitness clothing more mainstream in our everyday life.

The combination of stylish clothing with performance fabric is chic these days. And it became ideal to travel in and take with you on trips. At the end, to be able to travel and relax without having to worry about changing outfits is what athleisure is all about. Here are some of the must-have athleisure in your travel bag.

5 Must-Have Athleisure On All Your Trips

Breezy Crossback Tee By Athleta

The Breezy Crossback Tee By Athleta is a cute top that comes with a crossback giving it the perfect athleisure look that you can wear both in and out of the gym. Made from Lenzing Modal, it is easy to wash and also gentle on your skin keeping your look cool and comfortable.

Lattice-Back Sweatshirt For Women

The Lattice-Back Sweatshirt For Women is perfect for your gym session as well as for time-off with your friends. This cute tee has lattice details at the back – a great support during workout and a practical way allow air to touch your skin to feel comfy and cozy. The Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry and fresh after a workout for rest of the day.

French-Terry Plus-Size Open-Front Sweater

The French-Terry Plus-Size Open-Front Sweater comes with cinched ties at neckline and long sleeves. This open front sweater adds texture to your look and is soft and cozy for active wear.

Mock-Neck 1/4-Zip Plus-Size Performance Pullover

The Mock-Neck 1/4-Zip Plus-Size Performance Pullover is a sleek and stylish athleisure that is suitable for any occasion. Made from Go-dry moisture-wicking technology it is light and breathable, ideal for the gym and for after gym meetings.

Flux Street Jogger

The Flux Street Jogger is one of the most comfortable athleisure wear and a must-have for your wardrobe. Made from fabric that has the moisture-wicking technology, it keeps you dry and comfortable all day.

So, if you are planning a trip full of adventure and exercise then pack some athleisure in your suit. For more tips on athleisure here is a great read

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