Discover The Goodness Of Chocolate With Cacao Sampaka!

You may have tasted many luxury brands when it comes to chocolates. But when talking about the last word and the best in chocolate tastes, there is just one name, Cacao Sampaka! Just one square of this luxury chocolate melting in your mouth is enough to make you a fan of it. The dark chocolate and its fruity flavors will have you addicted to it and you will understand why this fairly unknown chocolate brand is creating a buzz in the chocolate world.

Cacao Sampaka is a new brand of luxury chocolate from Spain. The texture and flavor of this chocolate is something to die for. There is a science behind the creation of Cacao Sampaka. When you take a bite of one of their dark chocolate you are hit by the traditional chocolate flavor that means business. It is dark with the best texture and arguably the best chocolate you have ever had in your life. And, suddenly you are delighted by the fruity flavors that wrestle through the dark chocolate flavor to create a burst of sensation.

If you are a traditional chocolate lover and have always loved good chocolate, you will love Cacao Sampaka. This elegantly packed chocolate brand is loved by many.

Our VP of Marketing, Masha is totally in love with Cacao Sampaka, a Spanish brand you are about to discover:

“This chocolate looks like art! You first eat it with your eyes and only then with your mouth. The taste is intense and gentle. You can feel the quality of the chocolate on your tongue and savor the chocolate delicatessen as you close your eyes. You need to have your eyes closed when you eat it because it is so good. It would be a waste of time to eat it with eyes open. Like when you kiss someone you love.

My favorite one is with pieces of lemon. The flavor is strong, the touch on your tongue is weightless and the aftertaste is like your best childhood memory. It leaves you lighthearted!” – Masha K.”

Check out more about the brand Cacao Sampaka and try from its many varieties for a divine taste. Here are some recommendations from her that will make you swoon to the taste of Cacao Sampaka!

Cacao Sampaka White Chocolate Matcha Green Tea

  • This white chocolate is a flavourful blend of crystals of lemon expertly blended with matcha green tea. You will enjoy the zesty lemon flavor of this chocolate bar.

Cacao Sampaka White Chocolate Roses and Strawberries

  • Another delicious blend of strawberry pieces and rose petals that give a fruity, floral, crunchy and delicate flavor.

CACAO SAMPAKA Dark Chocolate With Ibizan Flor De Sal, 3.53 OZ

  • This variety of Cacao Sampaka chocolate is a cacao bar that is made blending sea salt from Ibiza. A totally interesting taste that you will love.

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