5 Professional Tips On How To Write A Blog

If you are a blogger there is a good chance that like many others you too don’t have a degree in English or journalism. But then who said you can’t be a good blogger without a degree? All that you need is computer, the right process and a few tips! Ok, and let’s not forget coffee!

As a blogger, you can easily be caught up in the sea of WordPress blog writers. Of course, it is vital that you have a good content strategy and a posting schedule. But, what matters most in the success of your blog is the quality of the content that you write and post.

Any type of content that you create is inherently creative. However, it helps to know how to write a blog by following a process. Here are 5 steps to follow on how to write a blog. This will help you create an outline of the content that you want to create and also serve as an inspiration.

How to Write a Blog In 5 Easy Steps

  • Pick A Stellar Topic

The first thing you is to settle on a topic or an idea that you are going to write about. If you are not sure what you want to write about then you won’t get very far. So before you put pen to paper or in most cases, finger to keyboard, choose a topic that is relevant, unique, and has depth, and longevity!

  • Create Your Content Outline

Many people cringe hearing the word ‘outline’. But, you need to have a framework in place that will enable you to focus on smaller details like word choice and flow of your blog post.

  • Begin Writing

After you have decided on the idea and outline of your blog, time is now to begin writing. When you are writing your first draft don’t worry about self-editing. It is a creative process. Create as much content as you can rather than writing too little. Write the intro and conclusion last.

  • Edit The First Draft

This is one of the most important parts of writing a successful blog. Yet it is also mostly ignored, especially by the new bloggers. Editing helps you refine your ideas and opinions and helps it to reach out to your audience more effectively.

  • Avoid Spamming

Make sure you do not spam other blogs or use images and photos illegally. Make sure you adhere to the unwritten rules of the blogging community. This will help you become blogosphere’s welcomed member.

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