Expert Tips On How To Ice Skate For The First Time

As you begin to ice skate, the ice beneath your blades starts to melt. This reduces any friction to zero and soon you feel like you are gliding. Yes, the first sensation you will feel is that of a smooth flow… a glide with your hair flowing behind you!

You can start ice skating at any age you if you are in fairly good health. You will be amazed to know the health benefits of this sport. Don’t be afraid of falling down or looking silly. If you are thinking about ice skating, then here are 10 tips that will teach you how to ice skate for the first time.

Tips On How To Ice Skate For The First Time

  • Proper Fit Skates

Get yourself a pair of ice skates that fit you properly and comfortably. By wearing your own skates you will have a performance advantage. It will help you improve as a skater.

  • Find The Entrance

Most of the ice rinks have a mat or carpet to help you walk safely to the skating surface. The mat is meant to protect your ice blades. However, if you have your own skates then walk to the ice rink with your skates guard on. Do not walk without skate guards on a wood or concrete. Remove your skate guards just before you step onto the ice.

  • Hold Onto The Rail

As a beginner, if you are scared to step on the slippery ice surface then use the rail in the rink. Acclimate yourself on the ice and then make your first move.

  • Move Away

As you gather some confidence being on the slippery surface begin to move away from the rail. Bend your knees slightly as you do so.

  • Learn To Fall And Get Up On The Ice

As a learner be ready for that inevitable fall. Be in a squat position by bending your knees and fall to the side. Turn over with your hands and on your knees. Place both your foot one after another in between your hands and push yourself to a standing position.

  • Begin Moving Forward

Skate forward by marching in one place and then move. Do the scooter step as you ride the scooter down the street. Keep your arms forward for balance and skate around the rink.

  • Stop When Needed

To stop when skating, push your feet apart. Point your toes inward as you do in skiing and do a snowplow stop.

  • Glide

To glide on two feet march across the ice and rest.

  • Learn To Dip

To do a dip, squat down as much as possible keeping your arms and rear at level. Practice dip while on a standstill first. Once you are comfortable do it while gliding on two feet.

  • Now Have Fun

Once you master the above steps go ahead and enjoy your time at the rink. Try out new steps such as spin, one-foot gliding or skate backward.

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