10 Fun Things To Keep In Your Car For A Fun Ride

Road trips are fun though can be exhausting to plan. Whether it is a family trip you are planning or going on a romantic vacation, sitting in the car for long hours is always torturous. However, you can have a better road trip by having these 10 fun things “to keep in your car”.

By having some incredibly fun things to keep in your car you can have a memorable road trip leading to your destination. Below is a list of 10 fun things to keep in your car that will save you in an emergency and keep you entertained during your journey.

10 Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

  • Sunglasses

Driving for long hours staring at the sun can be stressful. So get a pair of sunglasses that will help keep your eyes stress free and cool.

  • Snacks

Make sure to stash on non-perishable items to eat that are non-messy and healthy. Having loaded yourself with enough to feed on you will save yourself from unhealthy gas-station chips and can also save on some time.

  • Water

Keep a stock of water in your trunk so that they are not exposed to sunlight in plastic bottles. This will keep you hydrated during your drive and also help you avoid sugary drinks.

  • Cell Phone & Charger

These are one of the must-haves in your car if you are planning a road trip. Having a cell phone will keep you connected and reachable during times of emergency.

  • First Aid Kit

Keep your first aid kit fully equipped with bandages, vinyl gloves, antiseptic and scissors for times you may not find any medical help near you.

  • Spare Tire

Due to increasing mileage, there are cars now that do not get a spare tire. Make sure your car has one as it is something that you cannot do without on a long road trip.

  • Cup Holder Power Inverter

A cup holder power inverter will keep your laptop charged. You can get updated with any unfinished work you may have. This charger also has an AC outlet and 3 USB ports.

  • Seat-Mounted Tablet

Do you have kids traveling with you? Keeping them entertained during a long journey can be a challenge. However, you can keep them engaged without any problem by equipping your car with the seat-mounted tablet.

  • Leak-Proof Mug

Keep your car clean and mess-free with this spill-free leak-proof mug. The mug auto-seals in between sips.

  • Winter Readiness Kit

In the face of inclement weather or a blizzard, the winter readiness kit will keep you prepared to face the elements. It includes winter gloves, ice scraper, small shovel, blanket and abrasive materials such as salt and sand.

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