Kuhl Flight™ Vest – One Of The Must Have Winter Outfits

Women love to wear coats and jackets that are not only warm but also chic and stylish. With the sweater weather around the corner, there are some really trendy and stylish winter outfits that you must have. And one piece you will definitely need to add to your wardrobe this winter is the Kuhl Flight Vest.

This flight vest is among the few winter outfits that offer a rare combo of warmth, style, and luxury that cannot easily be found. This “tough like a boy, subtle like a girl” flight vest from Kuhl is a favorite with women around the globe and here is why.

The Flight Vest from Kuhl is a premium mid-weight luxury vest for women. Made from soft and premium Italian fleece, the vest is soft, warm and snuggles up around your body. The vest comes with a stowaway hood that adds more warmth and protection from the cold winds when needed. You can zip away the hood into an oversized collar when not required. The vest features two zippered hand pockets for more storage and two zippered chests for extra warmth.

As plush and soft as it is don’t be surprised if you find your friends and acquaintances spontaneously petting your flight vest covered back trying to get a feel of the warm fleece. The vest features a unique and premium touch of two-toned detailing of the zippers and the accent stitching.

5 Ways To Style The Flight Vest

  1. Pair up the flight vest with the stretch-knit bodysuit and pull-on boots with a striped tote to add more style to it.
  2. You can also pair the flight vest with cropped flared pants made from stretched wool-blend of a dark shade and a full sleeve top to keep you warm. Accessorize it with gold-plated double-pearl earring and heel pumps.
  3. The flight vest will also look good with the close-fitting trousers and stretch-patent leather boots and leather shoulder bags.
  4. If you want to add color to your winter outfit then try out the stretch-skinny pants with floral prints and pair it with the Kuhl Flight vest.
  5. Last but not least, for a more comfortable and regular styling get it paired with your regular pair of jeans. The premium look of the fleece vest will add to the luxury of your outfit.

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