Planning for healthy travel

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 9.55.56 PMI travel a lot and I always pack and plan with the best intentions: I am going to work out everyday. I will rent a bike and see the city. I will find a local gym with reasonable short-term rates or day passes.

I always have the best intentions. The truth is that even when I am staying in accommodations with an on-site gym and classes, it is unlikely I will do all that I plan. Dozens of trips, domestic and international, holiday and work, have taught me some important lessons about setting realistic expectation for being active when I travel.

Be realistic when packing. I try and keep it to the basics and plan to wash cloths is needed. My checklist of workout gear for when I travel based on years of over packing and under-packing is:Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 9.54.55 PM

  1. Gym shoes
  2. Two bottoms
  3. Two tops.
  4. One outdoors piece.
  5. Two sports bras.
  6. Two-Four pairs of sox

I have also learned I benefit from packing some gear.

Even on my busiest days, I can do 15-20 minutes of yoga in the morning. It is a great way to clear my head and wake-up my body.

Walk everywhere. If I have the time and the weather permits, I try and walk to as many appointments as possible. This is also when the spiky massage ball becomes important. After a day of walking around a new city my feet need some love. A travel size spiky massage ball feels amazing on the feet and 15-20 minutes wearing yoga toes makes my feet happy and ready for the next day.

Make a plan. More that once I have arrived in a new place thinking I could get a day-pass to the local YMCA or gym only to find out they either don’t give out day passes or they charge a ridiculous amount of money.

Last but not least, I try to be realistic. Traveling throws me off my routine. When I travel I have to make deliberate decisions about my health.  These choices are often not convenient and sometimes my options will be limited. Maybe some of my decisions won’t be healthy. I am OK with that as long as I am being deliberate. I will make more healthy choices than not when I have a plan and think about my decisions. And when I am traveling that it is a lot. Happy planning. Happy packing.


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