Healthy Desserts That Are Good For Your Body

When leading a healthy lifestyle becomes your top concern desserts tend to get off the table. But do they really need to? There are many ways to indulge your sweet tooth and eating healthy desserts is one of them.

We have got you a list of some healthy desserts that will not only satisfy your want for something sweet but you will leave you with a feel-good factor after eating them too!

The healthy desserts recipes on our shortlist include chocolate chip cookies as well as more elaborate baking goodies. Some of these recipes use good for you ingredients such as chickpeas and kale others find creative ways to keep health and taste together.

Healthy Desserts Recipes

Rich Chocolate Pudding Pie

This recipe is a mix of melted chocolate and cookie crumbs for the crust that makes it extra delicious.

Spelt and Almond Sticky Date Pudding

The sticky date pudding, even though it sounds full of calories, can be calorie-free (ok, almost calorie free) as long as we add a bit of creativity in the mix.

Vegan choc-raspberry soft serve

The Vegan choc-raspberry soft serve is a perfect guilt-free healthy dessert made with bananas and coconut yogurt.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

The Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake is the perfect combination of something decadent and healthy at the same time. Made with a secret ingredient, this chocolate chip cookie cake is high on protein.

Paleo Raspberry Cinnamon Tart

The Paleo Raspberry Cinnamon Tart is a summer dessert that is also healthy. It is not too sweet and comes loaded with delicious raspberries. You will find the texture to be slightly different but there is no compromise when it comes to taste.

Avocado Brownies

The Avocado Brownies are as healthy as it can get when talking about desserts. You will not even know there are avocados in these brownies when you eat them. These are the softest, richest and moistest brownies you can ever have.

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