Celebrate Labor Day 2018 In The Most Fun Way

Labor Day 2018 will bring in a long weekend for everyone which can be made into a fun experience with family and friends. There are many ways you can celebrate this Labor Day and make it relaxing for the adults and entertaining for children.

So as the weekend takes the last breath of sun, here are some happy and healthy Labor Day traditions for the whole family.

Healthy Labor Day Traditions


The traditional way to celebrate Labor Day is to enjoy backyard barbecues and grills with family and friends. You can host a potluck barbecue with some music and wine to enjoy a warm evening.

Gorge On Protein

Make this Labor Day 2018 barbecue fun with a variety of protein like chicken, pork ribs, and hamburgers. You can also try something new like grilling fish, tuna or salmon to cut down on calories.

Add Some Greens

This Labor Day you can turn backyard barbecue into much more than just about protein. Use to grill veggies and fruits like zucchini, mushrooms, corn, onion pineapple, and peaches.  

Snack and Sides

Add to your Labor Day health list with a wide selection of snacks like Greek Yogurt Parfait, veggie and fruit popsicles made at home, and hummus to name a few.

Make It All White

Why not end the summer in all white. Plan an evening where all the attendees are to be in white and make sure you have a white arrangement like white tablescape and desserts.

Get creative with your menu this Labor Day 2018 to make it a fun and memorable one.


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