Yoga Mindset: Outfits to Improve Your Life

Yoga mindset is known to create a calm and positive lifestyle for those who do it. The gentle stretches and some of the stranger positions that you may not have thought your body was capable of getting into are vital to creating a calm presence in your bones, preparing you for the rest of your week while keeping you moving. But many of these positions require flexibility to get into, remember yoga mindset is key – which means your clothes have to keep up with you! 

Here’s our yoga outfit for you to feel boss in!

Firstly, you need the perfect bra to move around in. The Medium Support Racerback Sports Bra for Women by Old Navy  provides stability and breathability with the power mesh panel at the back. The racerback will also help in increasing your ability to move while supporting your bust at the same time. A lot of breathing is involved when you’re doing yoga, so this doesn’t restrict you in the slightest to ensure you can breathe deep and breathe out the worries of the world. The flat lock seams create a barrier to chafing, too, so you won’t be sore after your workout. This retails at $14.97.

To go over the top of your sports bra, we have the Enlighten Tee Plus Size. Everything about this shirt gives you the ability to move as freely as you like – it’s loose fit, so won’t be clinging onto your skin and giving you the chance to breathe. There’s a mesh insert at the back to help you to keep cool alongside the dry-wik technology. This retails at $24.99.

Finally, you need Mid-Rise Wide-Leg Roll-Over Yoga Pants for Women by Old Navy. These comfy elasticised pants are perfect for keeping up with the flexible movements that your legs are going to get into during your yoga class. The fabric is medium weight with built-in stretch meaning that you can move as freely as you like without being weight down. The whole point of yoga is to reach a point of zen relaxation that you can’t normally reach in the hustle bustle of life so we’ve made these with Go-Dry superior wicking to ensure that you’re dry and comfy while you’re relaxing. They’re also machine-washable; so you don’t have to hand-wash them when you get home. These gorgeous pants retail for just $12.97.

Now, you’re all ready and prepared with the best outfit for your yoga mindset lifestyle.

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