Lightweight Tops to Keep You Cool This Summer!

Summer brings all the things we love; sun, fun and the heat. But sometimes, the heat can be unbearable and we want nothing more than something lightweight that will help keep us as cool as possible. This is why we complied a list of top lightweight tops for summer!

Instead of opting for a bikini or sitting in a tub of cold water, here’s some lightweight tops that will keep you cool over these remaining summer months!

First, our Women’s Plus Size Lightweight Active Shirt by Joylab combines sportswear and casual-wear. This is the perfect shirt for before, during and after any workout – it’s especially suited for yoga. Picture the scene; it’s a summer morning and you’re in your favourite outdoor place with your yoga mat and the sun’s just starting to beat down upon you but you’re not breaking a sweat because this lightweight shirt is keeping you nice and cool. You’ll thank us later. The versatility of this shirt also means that you can slip on a smarter skirt or trousers and turn it into a more formal outfit.

Next up is our Nike Tailwind Plus Size. The fabric is Nike Breathe which as you can imagine from the name, allows you and your skin to breathe. No amount of sweat will make this fabric cling to you – the loose fit of the shirt will ensure that you’re given the space and flexibility to be able to move how you please during these hot months. There’s also a mesh panel on the back which will help your skin to breathe even more and the Dry-Fit technology will keep you dry. Truly one of the best lightweight tops for summer!

If you’re more of a tank-girl than a tee-girl, then the Crossback Keyhole Performance Tank for Women is perfect for you. At just $15, this tank top is soft and lightweight to ensure that your body is given the room to breathe. To further increase your comfort, the flat lock seams work to reduce any chafing – and there’s no itchy label on the back of your neck!

Another one for those tank fans out there, we have the Stripe Mesh High Neck Chi Tank which is completely Fairtrade. It’s also built with Unstinkable technology so that you can meet up with friends after your workout without fear of putting them off of their coffee!

Finally, we have the Semi-Fitted Performance Tee for Women which retails at just $12.97. This shirt is a chameleon shirt; by that, we mean it’s incredibly versatile. You can wear it to lounge around, you can wear it to work out, you can meet it on a social gathering and none will be the wiser! They’ll just think that you’re looking mighty fine – not to mention, cool and comfy!

What are your favorite lightweight tops for summer?


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