21 Oct: HIIT Running: Get Better Result By Doing Less

Are you stretched for time when it comes to maintaining your health and fitness? If you are, then you must include a fitness plan that helps you stay fit on a tight schedule. And one such workout routine is the high-intensity interval training or popularly known as HIIT running. HIIT running is a type of fitness training program in which you work out for short periods at high intensity and alternate it with low-intensity recovery…

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29 Sep: Your Guide To The Best Winter Running Gear

Running in winter can be a challenge, but it can also help you enjoy the best moments of your day. With the best winter running gear, you can enjoy a run that is invigorating, inspiring and relaxing. Shorter daylight hours and falling temperatures don’t necessarily mean that you must give up your outdoor routine and now be confined to indoors. In fact, running in cold weather will help you beat the winter blues and boost…