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30 Dec: 5 Must-Watch Ted Talks For You To Become A Better Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur, your sustenance depends on your success. Success is normally measured in the form of money you make. But for many success also means work satisfaction, healthy relationship and giving back. And if you are someone who is looking to achieve more than just dollars then you should hear and learn from the best Ted talks for business. Best Ted talks for business present ideas to you that will help you learn and…

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27 Oct: 10 Wellness Quotes To Help You Keep Your Spirits High

Leading a happy and healthy life may sound easy. But there are lots of distractions and obstacles along the way that will try to divert your attention from making healthy choices. Don’t allow these obstacles and challenges keep you from achieving happiness. At times you will need to hear some encouraging words to help you lift your spirits. We suggest you to make a list of wellness quotes that will help you lift your mind…