Great pants for work or an evening out

I wore the Athleta Stellar Crop Pants to work, as workout wear and as leggings with a nice shirt and ballet flats. My preference for this items is for work and as casual wear. As a petite woman, my biggest challenges are in the pants waist and leg length. I also prefer pockets.

These pants have the high waist and they look like a slim tuxedo pants, which I love. However, the placement of the pockets were a problem for me when I worked out. The pocket zipper goes down the leg, but the pocket itself goes across the pelvic region. It’s not comfortable to put anything in the pockets and be able to hinge at the hips.  

I would recommend these pants as casual work attire or as nice pair of leggings to wear out for a casual night.”  

Morgan Balaei spends a lot of time at the gym as a fitness professional and jiu jitsu practitioner. She tried out the Athleta Stellar Crop Pants. The Stellar Crop Pants are an athleisure item recommended for travel, commuting, and casual wear. The soft fabric provides structure and stretch and is wrinkle-resistant. Colors available are black and navy/black. Sizes include regular, tall petite and plus.

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