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Hi Proud Mary fans I’m a guest blogger, so let me introduce myself. My name is Rae, I’m one of Mary’s besties from way back, and my lifestyle is about as different from hers as you can get. I’m 46 years old, I live in Minnesota, I have two active tweens, a revolving door of foster pets, and I rarely go to the gym.   I love to be outside taking advantage of all Minnesota has to offer in every season. Year round we go to a family cabin where we swim, boat and fish in the summer, and hike, ice fish and eat in the winter and fall. The Twin Cities are also not messing around when it comes parks and outdoor recreation. We boast the best park system in America, and the residents of Minneapolis- St Paul take full advantage all year.

I moved to Minneapolis 13 years ago, and quickly learned that the key to cold (and SUPER cold) outdoor activity is decent gear. Getting the kids out on a gloomy, drizzly, 35 degree fall day can be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with your family; It can also be uncomfortable and miserable if you aren’t dressed for the weather. There isn’t much that will sour my mood faster than cold, wet feet or hands. Staying warm and dry is an important ingredient for my attitude (as is non-bickering children, but that’s another blog). Layers and a wicking base layer is important, including for your feet. Just spend the money on wool socks and don’t look back. Ok? Maybe I’ll review winter socks another time… but today, I’m recommending some yoga and jogger pants for winter. Plus a couple of base layers items that you might want to try.

Sculpting Yoga Pant

You know those trendy yoga pants that have a 3 inch rise and you can read a newspaper through? These aren’t those. Put those away for the winter. Lane Bryants Sculpting Yoga pant “holds it all in” and is a flattering and comfortable choice for fall and winter activities.   Lane Bryant uses a thick spandex material that smooths and complements and wicks moisture while keeping you warm. I have only had these for a couple weeks, but after a few washes the fabric looks great and these have quickly become the yoga pants I pull out of the dryer because no other pants will suffice.


Warrior Mom Rae ready to slay the day wearing the Lane Bryant Sculpting Yoga Pants and Women’s Plus Size Long Sleeve Run T-Shirt – C9 Champion from Target.

Active Strappy Cross-Back Dress with Built-In Low Impact Sport Bra

A flattering sun dress with a built in bra, and the bra is supportive, yes please! The strappy back has good coverage in the back, the fabric is soft and stretchy, the cut is flattering . I love this dress. I’m going on a beach vacation in late November and plan to wear this dress a lot! My only complaint is that it only comes in black, because I would buy every color.


Lane Bryant Dress


Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 4.44.13 PM

Cozy Up Pant Plus

Cold weather calls for a comfy pair of joggers. PrAna is doing it right with this nicely detailed pair of snuggly warm pants. Made from Hemp and Recycled materials transformed into terry cloth, they are aptly named, and are basically pajama bottoms you can wear in public. I got the 2x, I’m normally a size 18, I’d say they run small to normal. These are cute! Did I mention comfortable?



Women’s Plus Size Full Zip Track Jacket – C9 Champion

I feel like all the C9 clothes are made for someone a little bit taller than me. I’m 5’5”, and I tell people I’m 5’7”. The C9 line is made for the 5’9” version of me. It’s flattering, covers my backside, and the arms are big enough that they aren’t tight when I wear long sleeves under the jacket. The pockets and big, enough for a wallet and phone and whatever other treasure I’m asked to carry when we are out and about. Also- IT HAS THUMBHOLES… which I irrationally adore. I love this jacket. It’s almost too cold in Minneapolis to wear it now, but I have been stubbornly ignoring that fact and will continue to do so, until I wear it somewhere and end up having a bad time because I’m too cold.

Women’s Performance High-Waisted Capri Leggings – C9 Champion

The capris leggings fit me more like a 7/8th, legging go under everything in the winter. I wear leggings or tights most days. Here is my legging dilemma: I wear them all the time, so they need to be comfortable and durable, but no one ever sees them, it burns a little to spend a lot on them.   These are well about $25, comfortable, soft and function well as a everyday base layer.

Products featured are the Women’s Plus Size Full Zip Track Jacket – C9 Champion and the Women’s Performance High-Waisted Capri Leggings – C9 Champion

Women’s Plus Size Long Sleeve Run T-Shirt – C9 Champion

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 5.09.51 PMI don’t go running. Especially in the winter in Minnesota. ProudMary will need to invite someone else to write about that. I have no idea if this is a good running shirt. This is, however, the best base layer shirt I own.   My absolute favorite. It’s thin, wicks moisture, drys fast, looks pretty nice if I want to strip down to expose it, and it dries fast, so I can dig it out of the dryer and wear it after only a few minutes. IT HAS TUMBHOLES. I just bought a 2nd… and I might need a 3rd.


Women’s Mid-Rise Cotton Pants 28.5″ – C9 Champion® Black

My favorite “Saturday Pants”. They come in different lengths! They cost $20. They come in different Lengths!! These are indoor pants. Let me be clear. Don’t go sledding or ice skating in these. But- they look nice enough to go in public and they are soft and lightweight, and just perfect for knitting and movie watching or going to the mall. They come in different Lengths!! For those you that are not ‘average’ height, you know how lovely a yoga pants is in the right length.


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