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03 Dec: How To Dress An Hourglass Shape For A Flattering Look

Believed to be the most desirable body shape for every woman, the hourglass body shape is every woman’s fantasy. If you know how to dress an hourglass shape, you can flaunt your killer curves every now and then. The rule of thumb on how to dress an hourglass shape is to opt lighter fabrics for your outfit and avoid styles that are bulky and boxy. We have here for you a list of 5 athleisure…

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21 Sep: The Right Type of Outfits For Hourglass Body Shape

The Hourglass body shape is considered to be the best and most desired body shape for women. This body shape features a perfectly balanced, sexy, and curvaceous body proportion that many believe to be the embodiment of beauty and femininity. The women with an hourglass body shape have around about the same measurements at the bust and the hip area with a comparatively narrow waistline in between. This lends it the hourglass shape and if…