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02 Sep: Top 5 Plus Size Shorts For Jogging

Jogging is one of the simplest ways to stay happy and healthy. All you need to do is have an open road, a pair of shoes, socks and running shorts. A good pair of plus size shorts for jogging can make you feel light and happy. The last thing you want while jogging is to feel irritated and uncomfortable. The 5 best plus size shorts that we have selected for you will not only make…

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29 Aug: Add A Fashion Touch To Your Activewear Wardrobe

Chic activewear has become an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. Today working out is not just about wearing black tights and tops and going to the gym. Today, everyone adds a personalized fashion touch to their wardrobe. So, those who value both fashion and fitness have the trendiest activewear in fashion today. You can give a unique fashion touch to your wardrobe as there are more than one fashion brands on the market today. There…