27 Mar: Mary’s pick of the week!

Athleta Spar ColorBlock 7/8 Tights These tights are great for classes at the gym or at home workouts. To be honest, I was pretty skeptical about this tight. They totally won me over.  I wore these tights for a cycling class at the Biker Barre. The tights performed great. It has a high waist band, but I had no issues with the waist band rolling over. They were supportive and they comfortably stayed in place. I…

14 Mar: The view from a fashion industry insider.

Proud Mary is excited to bring to you our interview with Myrda Monasterial, plus-size designer, influencer and mom. Myrda hails from Las Vegas and has worked in the fashion industry for over a decade. She brings us her unique experience, style and zest for life in this exclusive interview. It is great to connect with you!  Let’s start off with a fun and simple question. Tell me about yourself in 4 words. MM: Loud, happy,…

11 Mar: Mary’s Weekend Pick

Featured Class: Row Flow, DC Row, 790 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024 I have used a rowing machine before, usually as part of a warm-up or to break up my gym workout. I never thought I would enjoy 50 minutes on a rowing machine. But then I checked out my first rowing class the other day in DC Row, the new, hip waterfront area of Southwest, DC. I loved it! The class, Row Flow, was…

08 Feb: Discover the benefits of a Keto Lifestyle

Proud Mary is excited bring to you the personal experience of Regina Gysel. Regina, a former Ophthalmologist, began exploring the Keto diet and lifestyle two years ago. She is now a dedicated practitioner and has quickly become a local expert and resource on Keto diets in her hometown area of Chico, California. How would you describe yourself? (RG) I think I am a Buddhist. I did not know that I was until I read a…

16 Jan: Catherine Schuller – Evolution

This is Part II of Proud Mary’s exclusive interview with plus size fashion icon Catherine Schuller. In this section, Catherine shares her experience in the evolution of the plus size fashion sector, the challenges the industry faced, and new opportunities ushered in with new technology. You can read Part I here. [Catherine:] When I started out, there was a [plus size] store literally called “The Forgotten Woman.” We were forgotten. We were pushed aside and…

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