Masha Kubyshina

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19 Dec: Flaunt Your Strength In These 5 Sleeveless Tank Tops

Athleisure shopping can be a great way to motivate yourself to focus on fitness and health. After all, athleisure fashion being the hot and stylish trend today, you should not hold back from showing your new sleeveless tank tops and leggings. Unfortunately, not many of us are comfortable showing off our upper arms. And we end up opting out of sleeveless tops. You should, however, be grateful that you have strong arms to work out…


05 Sep: Tips And Tools To Plan For A Fun Walk Jog Run Routine

It is important to include fitness in your daily routine. At the end routine is what matters. ┬áIf you want to have time for important things in your life then set a healthy routine for yourself. For many of us walk jog run is the best way to get started with an adaptable exercise program. Start your walk jog run exercise routine by first setting a goal. Having a goal can be a great motivation…