Our Story

Proud Mary is an activewear discovery site that helps you find items that fit your body. It focuses on items size 10+ and understand that shape matters in clothing design.

I founded Proud Mary in 2017 while I was an MBA student at HEC Paris. It started as a personal quest to find activewear that fits well, is comfortable and functional, and makes me feel and look good.


I have always struggled to find athletic wear that actually fits, and I found out that I am not alone in that struggle. It is not trivial to find quality activewear pieces that fit and function when your size is not small or medium. Many other women have the same problem. Finding clothing can be at best time consuming and at it’s worst frustrating and demeaning.

Clothing is personal. Every woman deserves clothing that fits and that makes them look and feel their best. Today activewear needs to fit our busy schedules, families, workout routines and budgets.

I started traveling to different urban areas around the world including San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; Minneapolis, MN; Washington, DC; Beijing, China; Paris, France; and London, U.K. talking to other women of all shapes and sizes. I conducted focus groups, accompanied women on their shopping trips, conducted interviews and took snapshots of my friends’ wardrobes. I learned from women what they liked about their, activewear, what works and what doesn’t. This set the foundation for Proud Mary.

On this site I want to connect women with activewear they love that meets their personal needs. I searched for similar cuts, styles, patterns and fabrics from known and unknown brands. I matched what fits with what’s trending.  And then I carefully labeled each product with what shapes it fits, styling preferences and more.

I have also built a Fit Finder tool that will help you match your shape and activewear preferences. If you already know your shape you can skip the tool and go directly to Shape & Fit suggestions.

Last but not least, I want to add that Proud Mary is not associated with any of the brands I have on the site. This is a discovery project to help women find items that fit them well. I promise that I am honest in my reviews, likes and hot findings. I have selected brands and garments most loved by me and by you. When I say I love something, I mean it! And if you want to see my favorite items you can find them here.

Proud Mary’s closet is by no means inclusive of all the brands and options. If you have a favorite piece, please share what it is and why so I can include it in my reviews. Form here.

With Proud Mary project I want to help other women find activewear items that fit great and make their lives a little bit better! 

If you have a few minutes to let me know if my recommendations worked for you I will really appreciate it. You can email me at marialyce.mutchler [at] hec.edu or fill the form here.



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