relaxing gifts for women
17 Feb: 5 Best Relaxing Gifts For Women Who Need To Chill

We all live a fast-paced life today. And this hectic and fast lifestyle leads to stress. And stress is something that all of us struggle to deal with. And we know that we are not alone dealing with this anxiety. Thankfully, there are many relaxing gifts for women available for you and your loved ones to feel a sense of calm and unwind. Though a loving way to treat someone (or yourself) with a relaxing…

marzipan recipe
15 Feb: 5 Best Marzipan Recipes Full Of Good Fats

One of the oldest sources of dessert, the marzipan is all about simple and minimal use of ingredients. It contains only ground almonds, and honey or sugar. It is further elevated in taste with the use of flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, orange, and rose flower water, lemon or lime zest, and other sweet spices. The marzipan, when paired with chocolate, is the best. Mostly used for holiday pastries and wedding cakes, marzipan can be…

new kid in town
15 Feb: Grooving To New Kid In Town Makes For A Perfect Sunset Drive

We could always use some chill vibes to whisk away the stress of routine life. Let the sea breeze flow through your hair and whisk away all the struggles and stress of the world. And even when you can’t get away from the hustle of daily life, listening to songs like “New Kid in Town” will still help you unwind and relax. The Eagles with their silky voice will leave you with chill vibes and…

sports dress
14 Feb: The Chic & Stylish Types Of Sport Dresses For Your Flawless Style

Athleisure has become a staple in our closets today and it can safely be said that it is here to stay. While crop tops, sports bras and leggings have been a mainstay of this athleisure trend for quite some time now, elegant types of sport dresses are proving to be an addition to this trend. There are numerous activewear brands that are coming up with various types of sport dresses that are chic and stylish….

sports bra Athleta
13 Feb: Panache From Sports Bras Athleta Is The Best You Can Have!

Though sports bras may seem like an easy piece of all the clothing that you wear, it can prove to be pretty complicated to shop for it. You will find bra styles with mesh designs, breathable fabrics, straps that unclasp or cross. There are endless options but not all feel as comfortable as you want. So, when it comes to sports bras Athleta has created a sports bra that is optimal in fit, comfort and…

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 3.59.34 PM
10 Feb: Jogger By Athleta Is Your Perfect Travel Pant

Have you started your New Year’s workout yet? If not, then get ready to be motivated with the variety of great workout wear from Athleta. And, to begin with, we have reviewed here for you the Metro Downtown Jogger from Athleta. The Metro Downtown jogger from Athleta is a very chic and useable mix of everyday clothing and athletic style. This jogger has a good sporty vibe to it that you can carry from gym…

09 Feb: 5 Professional Tips On How To Write A Blog

If you are a blogger there is a good chance that like many others you too don’t have a degree in English or journalism. But then who said you can’t be a good blogger without a degree? All that you need is computer, the right process and a few tips! Ok, and let’s not forget coffee! As a blogger, you can easily be caught up in the sea of WordPress blog writers. Of course, it…

08 Feb: Learn More About How To Choose The Best Jogging Parks Near Me

One of the best things about jogging is the convenience. You can lace up your shoes, head out of your home and start jogging. All you need to think of is of the good jogging parks near you. Talking about good jogging parks, there are certain basics that your jogging park should have. There are many people for whom jogging can become a bit of a chore. Mostly, what happens is that after few runs…

07 Feb: What Are The Different Types Of Salt You Should Know About?

When it comes to the kitchen, there is no other ingredient that can be more important than salt. Salt is one of the very basic of the five tastes. This is the reason why it is all the more important that you know what are the different types of salt and distinguish between them. Our food is full of different flavors that are highlighted with the use of salt. It is also used to preserve…

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 4.21.52 PM
06 Feb: Enjoy Your Adventure Outdoors With The Warm Hybrid Jacket

You have this all day hike, trail run, long climb or backpacking well planned for a long time now. The weather forecast is just what you had hoped for before you set out for the day. But, just when you are in the middle of your hike there is rain and hail that start pelting at you. The temperature drops while you are still away from your shelter. And at times such as these, all…

Pranayama Wrap
03 Feb: Carry Your Fitness Vibe From Workout To Work With The Pranayama Wrap

Athleisure has come a long way. It is no longer the times when what you wear for your gym could not be worn to work. And now, the athleisure boom is so significant that it became a signature style. And if you are one of those who likes to wear your outfit from workout to work then the Pranayama Wrap from Athleta is a must have in your wardrobe. There are very few outfits that…

how to ice skate for the first time
02 Feb: Expert Tips On How To Ice Skate For The First Time

As you begin to ice skate, the ice beneath your blades starts to melt. This reduces any friction to zero and soon you feel like you are gliding. Yes, the first sensation you will feel is that of a smooth flow… a glide with your hair flowing behind you! You can start ice skating at any age you if you are in fairly good health. You will be amazed to know the health benefits of…

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